Produced by Sjoerd Beijers and MaggZ

A gathering weaving together performances and visual art, revolving around various (queer) relations between man and nature; human and non-human life. Cosmovisions forms an open invitation to think about technological futures and epistemologies rooted in a plurality of cosmologies. Through the rejection of the linear view on time and progression—in favour of a reading in which future, present and past act simultaneously—we aspire to reconnect to forgotten practices and to rekindle knowledges of spirituality, magic and natural worlds.

Text by Sjoerd Beijers

The show feautures works of Che Go Eun, Tristan Bründler, Natalija Gucheva, Benjamin Schoones, Aidan Abnet, Alexis Gerlach, Adriaan de Roover, Sjoerd Beijers, MaggZ & Anca Bârjovanu

Photo's by Johan Poezevara

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