Kyra Nijskens (Meerssen, 1997) | Lives and works in Rotterdam

Kyra  Nijskens’  vivid  work  wavers  between  a  devotion  for  painterly  processes  and  a  conceptual  analysis  of  painting. Investigating  the  interplay  between  traditional  techniques  and  the  uncontrolled  image-making-machine  of  our  era;  the  digital,  she  started  to  reconsider  the  painting  as  a  transparent  screen. By  layering  individual  sheets  of  film  acetate  –  allowing  for  infinite  new  combinations  –  she  researches  the  changeability  and  temporality  of  an  image,  while  destabilizing  the  paintings  permanence  and  stability.

In  a  dazzling  mixture  of  techniques,  seductive  colours,  appropriated  imagery  and  stereo-typically  feminine  coded  elements,  Nijskens  gracefully  battles  old  age  systems,  integrating  and  subverting  modernist  vocabulary  to  persistently  evoke  a  live  energy  into  her  works,  celebrating  the  playing  nature  of  mankind. 


2020-2022 MA Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

2016-2020 BA Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht (with honours)

2015-2016 Fine art and Design in Education, HKU, Utrecht



2021   'ALL INN '-  Het HEM, Zaandam -  04.03.21/07.03.21

Group show


2020 '20/20 DAYBREAK' - Young Art Weekend, Ruis, Nijmegen 

Group show with 20/20 art collective

2020 'Limburg Biënnale'-  Marres, Maastricht  

Group show

2020 'Kunstroute' - Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden

Group show

2020  'Graduation Show' -  HKU, Utrecht

Group show

2020  'Depot 20/20 '-  AG, Utrecht

Group show with 20/20 art collective

2019 Fragments of a Grocerylist’ - Tuub, Utrecht

Duo show with Bas Oussoren & Kyra Nijskens

2019 'DOG DAYS '  - De Nijverheid, Utrecht

Group show

2018  'HOMO LUDENS'-  AK24, Utrecht

Solo show

2017 'Zeitgeist' – AK24, Utrecht

Solo show


2020 Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize


Ongoing Member of 20/20 art collective

2019 ‘Zo binnen, zo buiten’ workshop creator and supervisor, Centraal Museum

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