Kyra Nijskens (Meerssen, 1997) | Lives and works in Rotterdam

Kyra  Nijskens’  vivid  work  wavers  between  a  devotion  for  painterly  processes  and  a  conceptual  analysis  of  painting. Investigating  the  interplay  between  traditional  techniques  and  the  uncontrolled  image-making-machine  of  our  era;  the  digital,  she  started  to  reconsider  the  painting  as  a  transparent  screen. By  layering  transparent  sheets  of  film  acetate  –  allowing  for  infinite  new  combinations  –  she  researches  the  changeability  and  temporality  of  an  image,  while  destabilizing  the  paintings  permanence  and  stability.

In  a  dazzling  mixture  of  techniques,  seductive  colours,  appropriated  imagery  and  stereo-typically  feminine  coded  elements,  Nijskens  gracefully  battles  old  age  systems,  integrating  and  subverting  modernist  vocabulary  to  persistently  evoke  a  live  energy  into  her  works,  celebrating  the  playing  nature  of  mankind. 


2020-2022 MA Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

2016-2020 BA Fine Art, HKU, Utrecht (with honours)

2015-2016 Fine art and Design in Education, HKU, Utrecht



2021 This art fair, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam, Group show  26.08.2021/29.08.2021

2021 Pop-up show, Kunsthub Bink, Elburg, Group show 23.06.21/07.08.21


2021 Salon ijl,  Galerie Noord, Groningen, Group show 

2021  ALL INN , Het HEM, Zaandam, Group show          

2020 20/20 DAYBREAK, Young Art Weekend, Ruis, Nijmegen, Group show with 20/20 art collective

2020 Limburg Biënnale, Marres, Maastricht, Group show

2020 Kunstroute, Stadsgehoorzaal, Leiden, Group show

2020  Graduation Show, HKU, Utrecht, Group show

2020  Depot 20/20 , AG, Utrecht, Group show with 20/20 art collective

2019 Fragments of a Grocerylist, Tuub, Utrecht, Duo show with Bas Oussoren

2019 DOG DAYS,  De Nijverheid, Utrecht, Group show

2018  HOMO LUDENS, AK24, Utrecht, Solo Show

2017 Zeitgeist, AK24, Utrecht, Solo show


2020 Nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize


Ongoing Member of 20/20 art collective

2019 ‘Zo binnen, zo buiten’ workshop creator and supervisor, Centraal Museum

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